Welcome to our Summer Reading Challenge (SRC) page!

Summer Reading is a requirement for all of our students at TVS, kindergarten – 12th grade.

In the Lower School, our summer reading:

  • Centers around a theme.
  • Includes several book choices appropriate for each grade level
  • Helps students make connections to books and their world.
  • Incorporates creative and creative thinking.
  • Strengthens the sense of unity and community in the Lower School.

During the summer, students:

  • Read at least 4 books from their list. Two (2) of these books are part of our Family Book Club.
  • Complete their personal Book Survey.
  • Design a Creativity Project to showcase a book they personally enjoyed reading from their list.
  • Take a picture with their family reading one of the books from their grade level list of book choices.

At the beginning of the school year, we come together for our LS Summer Reading Celebration and:

  • Share the books we have read.
  • Showcase our Creativity Projects.
  • Put together our Reading Wall of Fame.
  • Celebrate reading!

The Summer Reading Challenge (The SRC)of the Lower School is educational, entertaining, fun, and most importantly:

Information for this year’s SRC, which includes our FAMILY BOOK CLUB, is here:

2019 Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Video Archive