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Our Mission

The mission of the TVS Lower School Library is to encourage students to explore a variety of appropriate literature and media resources, provide experiences that are enjoyable and educational, and assist students in becoming lifelong readers and learners.

Choosing Books

How to choose books that are a “perfect fit” for you.

Family Book Club

The Family Book Club is an important part of helping our LS students and families experience the Power of Reading Together.

Read Together

When it comes to reading and how parents can help their children learn to read, the way to do that is to: read, read, read.



Summer Reading

Summer Reading is a requirement for all of our students at TVS, kindergarten – 12th grade.

Seuss Week

Seuss Week is a week-long celebration in the Lower School of all the wonderful books written by Dr. Seuss.

Read Together

Read to your children. Read with your children. Listen to your children read to you. Let your children see you reading. Talk about reading.

Make reading a family priority and…

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Stay tuned as the blog becomes a place to with information and news about what’s happening in the Trinity Valley Lower School Library.

Story Power!

Story Power!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqAUJpdOPzQ 2011 3rd & 4th grade writing workshop with author, Bruce Hale.

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